Hello World!

Hi guys!

My name is João Pereira and I am a HUGE computer geek. I am currently a Master’s Student at University of Minho. I have been tinkering with computers since I can remember and I love to code and study Computer Science and Mathematics.

As a Software Engineer, I aim to work on projects that positively affect the lives of the users and challenge me to become a better developer and person. I DO believe that all Software Engineers have the obligation of using their Know-How to reach the broadest audience possible, including those in less fortunate conditions and should always protect their users' rights.

My main areas of interest are Cryptography, Program Verification, algorithms and complexity theory but I find myself amused and amazed very frequently with other areas of Computer Science and Software Engineering. I’m a member of my course’s students center, CESIUM .

In my free times, you’ll see me playing guitar, listening to music, reading or hanging out with friends (or learning something completly new… like Krav Maga :p).

I created this blog with the purpose of sharing my findings and my thoughts related to software engineering and computer science. I hope you’ll like it ;)

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